A Necessary Divide | My NaNoWrimo 2015 Novel

I want to post a little bit about the novel I’ll be working on for NaNoWriMo 2015! I’m slightly cheating, in that I’m not starting a new novel from scratch. (Has there ever been a NaNo where I didn’t cheat?!) But the fifth book of my series needs some major revisions, so I’ve got plenty of writing to do this month.

Choosing to edit/expand on an existing made the plotting aspect of NaNo preparation easier, though I do miss out on that hysterical rush of frenzied creation so many of you are enjoying. But! This is work I need to do, and NaNo is affording me plenty of word sprints and community support to get it done!! Let me abuse some more exclamation points here so I can be sure not to overuse them in my novel!!!!!!!

In this book, my main 3 protagonists initially find themselves separated — and even when they come back together, there are chasms between them they’re either unwilling or unable to bridge. Meanwhile, a civil war is starting to crack their world down the middle, and even though they don’t want to encourage this, they don’t want their friends to fight for them, to risk dying for them, it becomes increasingly more obvious that there are tides you can’t stem.


I’m going to link up with LoonyLiterate’s Snazzy Snippets — The NaNoWriMo Edition and share a few snippets of this monster that have been written already:

1. A snippet without dialogue

This was a hard one to choose for — least of all because I love dialogue. But! A major component of this novel is the burgeoning civil war. Here’s a snippet of my protag, Charley, about to peek in on a rally the “other side” is holding:

The factory throbbed with noise — with shouts and cheers and a raucous stomping of feet. Charley would’ve thought a concert was being held in there, or a birthday party, some excuse to be drunken and joyful and loud, except, as he drew closer, he began to make out the anger underlying the commotion. The jeering. The booing. The sharp tinge to the laughter that made it sound cruel. His stomach clenched. Every instinct was telling him to turn around.

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