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The Marvels | Just Perfect.

I am a huge fan of Brian Selznick, absolutely loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck, but I’ll admit I don’t closely follow his career. I found out about The Marvels while scrolling through Tumblr; someone had posted a book stack with a book that had the Selznick trademark spine — a beautiful illustration of a sliver of a someone’s face.

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guh. these things are so beautiful lined up together on a shelf. also, you can’t tell, but this book has gold-trimmed pages! GOLD. I love me some impeccable production quality.

I immediately went into a conniption fit of “HE WROTE ANOTHER BOOK????” and jetted over to Amazon to find it. To my shock, amazement, and suspicion, the book had terrible reviews. To my memory, Hugo and Wonderstruck were 5 star masterpieces and the reviews reflected this, but The Marvels had tons of 1 and 2 star reviews!

This struck me as strange, so I started reading through the poor reviews to see what was up. There, I encountered some … interesting complaints.

Things like “this is a children’s book, not Brokeback Mountain.”


Apparently, this book had gay characters. And apparently, that was enough for a whole slew of people to leave hateful, distasteful reviews calling for the book’s banishment and boycott.

I’ve never bought anything so fast in all my life.

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