#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks — My Only New Year’s Resolution


As evidenced in my last post, I received a metric ton of books for Christmas this year, and, as evidenced in my #Shelfiehop picspam, I wasn’t exactly lacking reading material to begin with. (I’m a book hoarder, I admit it.) So, when I saw the #ReadMyDamnOwnBooks challenge/resolution over at Estella’s Revenge, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to get my TBR under control. Because it’s currently out of control. Unquestionably.

I went through my shelves and tried to count my number of unread books, but once I’d hit triple digits, I had to stop. Clearly, I collect books faster than I read them. The whole idea of the Read My Own Damn Books resolution is to place as feasible a book-buying ban on yourself as possible and, for 2016, read only what’s always sitting on your shelves. Because we all have those books which have been languishing on our bookcases for years, ignored, unloved, wondering why they’ve been consistently passed over for some shiny new release. 😦 Think of those books! Think of their hurt little book-y feelings!

(And now think of over a hundred of these books all gathered together on your shelves, grumbling to each other, watching you ignore them, plotting against you, and forming some kind of revolt — this is how you get yourself buried under a bookcase, I’m telling you.)

So, because all challenges need a little structure, here are the rules/goals I’m setting myself:

  • Read only from my shelves. There’s no set order, I can cherry-pick, use the TBR jar, whatever. But, if I’m stumped for a new read, I have to go alphabetically from the beginning, hit up that top shelf and pick the first unread book I find.
  • I’d love to set a limit of buying just ONE book a month, or even making a list of all the books I want and saving them for my birthday and Christmas wish lists. We’re gonna have to see how realistic that is, though. I have a notorious lack of self control when it comes to “OOH, BOOK, SHINY, MUST BUY, GRABBY HANDS.” We’re going to try for 1 a month, though. Fingers crossed.
  • Another big goal: cull my shelves of anything I either can’t get into the first time or am never going to reread. My collection is already bursting at the seams and I have no room for another bookcase, so if a book isn’t holding my attention by page 100 (though you can usually tell by page 20 with some duds), or I am so uninterested in the description I can’t bring myself to open the dang thing (this happens too often when you buy books during a flush of interest in a particular genre or theme, and then the phase passes and you’ve still got all these unread books based on some interest you no longer have.) I HAVE to put it in the charity pile, or, if it’s teen/YA, give it to my sister for her classroom library. Get these things out of my house!

Okay, there you have it. My main goal for 2016. Get my TBR under control and cull my collection to something manageable — and SHELVE-ABLE.

I’ve got some great books to look forward to. Just glancing at my book closet now, I see The Handmaid’s Tale, The Invisible Man, The Once and Future King, P.G. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde — it’s gonna be a year of classics, I think. I’m going to set my GoodReads goal at 52, like I always do (aiming for a book a week), but around June or July I’ll readjust depending on how long some of the books are taking. (For example, I’d love to read The Count of Monte Cristo, but I highly doubt I’m getting through that in a single week…)

If you’d like to join the Read My Own Damn Books pledge, check out the original post here. And tell me in the comments, what are your reading goals for the new year? Are you going to place yourself under a book-buying ban, or do you, unlike me, actually have a hold on your TBR (and self-control)? What book are you MOST looking forward to reading in 2016?