A mini room tour!

Last Saturday, I cleaned my room the way a tornado might clear a table of its clutter; I scrubbed the floors the way a tidal wave might clean the deck of a pool; I vacuumed the way a cosmic black hole might–

Wait. Actually I didn’t vacuum.

But I did do that sponge scrubbing I talked about (as I spilled a smoothie behind my bed … three months ago) and generally deep-cleaned and obsessively organized my bedroom. I cleared out four bags of donations, shifted a whole shelving unit out of my room (then back in when I changed my mind, then back out AGAIN when I changed it again.) I’ve only just now recovered from the surprisingly physical toll, and before my room reverts to its previous state of organized chaos (sans organization), I thought I’d take some photographic documentation! Aka PROOF that I’m not a swamp monster–despite the so-called empirical evidence of the green smoothie sludge for so long plastered to my walls.


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