Happy Holidays :)

Finished the Christmas decorating today! Lights are draped along our fence out front, a glittery wreath has been hung from our door, our tree is overloaded with trimmings, the packages are … mostly bought and wrapped. (The Holiday Gift Giving Guide is posted.) (Blatant plug.) I assembled that electric fireplace today, by the way — a fact I will be reminding anyone who visits. (The painting has since been centered, btw.)

Christmas really snuck up on me this year. I mean, I was super excited and ready for it around … mid-November. But coming into December, other than the decorating, I’ve kind of lost that giddy squirm to my stomach, part-nostalgia, part-presents. It’s probably because here in Florida, we’ve been having 80+ degree days — It’s hard to feel the holiday spirit when there isn’t so much as a nip in the air. I keep waiting for it to drop into the 30s to indicate that hey, it’s Christmastime! but … it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Say it with me now: Thanks, global warming!

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