Snazzy Snippets | Candy, Creepiness, and Breaking & Entering, oh my!


Ahh, I was going to do this last month and never got around to it — Emily from Loony Literate and Alyssa from The Devil Orders Takeout have  come up with a GREAT bimonthly link-up for writers: Snazzy Snippets, where we share bits of our writing, 500 words or less, in response to three prompts!

I’ve been in such a scattered writing slump lately (where I might be in a Super Organized and Motivated state of mind one day only to do a one-eighty and completely forget my book exists the next) — so I’m excited to do a little sharing.

1. A snippet with FOOD in it.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 4.27.10 PMThis is from the fourth book of my WIP ~fantasy series. (A little hint: the decadent, delicious display of desserts does not stay delicious and decadent for very long…)

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Weekend Writing Warriors — May 03, 2015

This post is for the Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop for writers where we share 8 to 10 sentences of a current writing project. (I’ve been wanting to participate in this for a while, but I keep forgetting until it’s too late to link up!) The following excerpt is from the first book of my ~fantasy series.

Quick context: Charley is running through the forest during an supernatural rainstorm, and realizes he’s being followed by some kind of ghost/phantom/unearthly creature that is beaming with white light and which has taken on the shape of a child.

PINK line

As Charley looked at this phantom, the bracelet began to burn. He shook his arm, as if that would do any good, and when he did, the vision of the ghostly boy stuttered. When Charley let the bracelet be still, like a jostled candle flame settling, the child burned brightly once more.

“You’re in trouble,” the boy said.

“You’re not real,” Charley countered.

The boy took a step closer. The leaves under his feet showed no disturbance.

“They’re watching you. Can’t you feel it?”

Come to think, the hair along Charley’s arms did begin to stand, the back of his head itching with that inexplicable burn of unseen eyes upon him. He jerked around; the forest was dark, but was that motion he saw in the shadows?

PINK line

Welp, that’s all for now! This was fun. 😀 If you’d like to see more entries, click the link below: