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Camp NaNoWriMo? What? Again? HOW IS IT APRIL ALREADY? // Resources and stuff

I have so many blog posts I’m meaning to do, so many books to talk about, so many things to report on — but none of that matters right now. Because it’s April 1st, and while most of the world is flinching as they open dodgy links on twitter, terrified they’re about to be pranked with a screamer, a whole excited bouncing bunch of us are cracking our knuckles and sharpening our pencils — because today is April 1st, the first day of the first 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo.

bencamp0  bencamp2

Me, trying to write during Camp

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Camp NaNoWriMo — My 8K Day

Yesterday, I wrote about 8,000 words. (MY MIND IS STILL BOGGLED, OKAY?) I started around 10:30 in the morning with word sprints on Twitter, and throughout the day I kept sprinting — in ten, twenty, sometimes thirty minute bursts — and watched my word count soar. By around 11:30pm, I was absolutely exhausted, and had just broken 8k. It wasn’t just the glut of new words, though, that I accomplished. I made connections between scenes and characters that I hadn’t expected; the plot fell together so quickly, and that’s because I was spending time on it, getting immersed in it; words kept flying out because I was just in my story. Nothing else mattered yesterday.

The keys to my successful 8K day were so simple, and in retrospect, obvious:

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 21

My plans of keeping this blog updated daily on my writing progress seemed to have … fizzled, slightly. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t progressing! Today’s been a fantastic writing day so far — almost 3,000 words written! (including a fairly explicit sex scene I had no idea was going to happen until it … happened. Word sprints, you guys, they make you type crazy things.)

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Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Day 13

Until just now, I legitimately thought today was the 12th. So I’ve lost a day. Oh, well. This is like, the middle portion of summer camp where you’re getting home sick, you’ve been bitten by mosquitos, maybe you’ve unwittingly sat in a clump of poison ivy, and you’re just about ready to give up. But as you’re writing a tearful letter home asking your parents to come pick you up, you hear the sounds of people singing around a campfire, and squealing as they leap into the lake, and presumably playing the bugle as apparently every summer camp has a bugle player on payroll. And you think, you know what? I came here for a reason.

Let’s try this again.

Words Written (So Far) Today: 1,157

(though, it’s mostly been typing up a scene I wrote while falling asleep last night…)

Progress Made: 20,135 / 50,000

I am more or less on schedule! I need to be at around 21,666 by the end of the day to be officially caught up. I can do that, right?

Favorite Sentence/Paragraph/Scene:

Ol drew in a deep breath that turned into a longer sigh. Charley wasn’t the only one exhausted. Ol’s eyes were puffy, and his smile was looser than it would’ve been were he well rested and accordingly on guard. Charley nudged him.

“Rally tomorrow,” he said.

Ol snorted. “Rally tonight.”

“We haven’t slept yet, it’s still yesterday.”

Another snort. Ol nodded. “I’m gonna go pass out.”

What’s Next? I have a few pages to type up that I wrote while in the walk-in clinic’s waiting room yesterday (I’m now on a steroid and an antibiotic that both taste terrible thanks for asking) and then I’m going to … I don’t know. Do some word sprints and keep jumping around in the story, I guess. The less pressure I put on myself to produce something specific every day, the more I’ve found I actually do produce. I just need some wiggle room. Most likely, though, I would like to write more of the rally mentioned in the scene above. Get my political dissent on.

How’re you guys doing? Crashing through your word count goals, or puttering your way up to them? Wherever you are, KEEP WRITING!


Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Word Counts, Taxidermy, and Cocktail Sauce

 *screaming incoherently into a pillow*

For the first time all month, I’m ahead of my word count goal. Just breached 18,000 words — deciding to skip ahead ended up being an extremely smart choice. The plot is falling together a lot easier, actual suspenseful scenes are happening, stuff is going DOWN, you guys. going DOWN.

points of interest from today’s writing marathon:


“Ol was endlessly accommodating to Charley; when Charley had a stupid plan, Ol followed it; when Charley had a stupid question, Ol answered it; when Charley did anything that suggested at an inadvisable recklessness and an undesirable lack of intelligence, Ol supported it.”


— Christina (@chimpanzeethis) April 10, 2014


had a harried moment of indecision where I couldn’t decide if taxidermy referred to just mammals or if it could include fish, and wasn’t willing to sacrifice my laptop’s battery to turn on the wi-fi and find out. (looking it up later; yes, you can taxidermy fish.)


my characters are at the beach right now, and all I want in the world is some sand, some fresh sliced peaches/mangoes/pineapples/any type of fruit, and a crab cake  or fried grouper sandwich or something I can drown in cocktail sauce. omg starving.


Good day of writing so far! My favorite technique? Avoiding my plot problems by plowing ahead and willfully ignoring that I have two chapters that are decidedly not awesome. WHO CARES, RIGHT? I’ll fret over them later. Right now, I’m looking into seafood for dinner.