This Blog Has Moved — To!

Hey, everybody! You might’ve noticed posts have stagnated on this blog. I had a really rough spring/summer and found myself creatively … pooped out, for lack of a more polite term. Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to get back on the blogging horse, only, I’ve decided I want a do-over. A new blog, with its own domain name, focused more on writing. So, I’ve launched Happy Writer!

I want Happy Writer to be a place where writers can come together and talk about writing. Discuss worldbuilding, story structure, fleshing out characters; to get motivation and inspiration; to share tools for productivity and opportunities for publication. I just want a place to word vomit about writing, and I really like the idea of starting fresh, with my own fancy domain. (MOSTLY BECAUSE, when you have your own domain, it’s a whole lot easier to do link-ups and giveaways and things. The coding just works better, as silly as that is.)

That actually brings me to my next point: while I hope you’ll all follow me over to Happy Writer, subscribe to the new blog, and just generally enjoy what I’m trying to do over there, I really hope the writers among you consider participating in this weekly blog link up for writers that I’m hosting: WIP Wednesday. If you like gushing about your writing, and want excuses to post snippets of your WIPs and answering fun prompts about your work, you should totally check this out. I’ve got a million themes planned, and if lots of people participate, we can cultivate a really cool community of writers all supporting and encouraging each other. Please, please, please think about joining in!!

Okay, that’s it. That’s all. The fat lady has taken her final bow. Anymore blogging I do will be over yonder on Happy Writer. I hope you’ll consider coming along!