2016 … Unexpectedly Difficult

I haven’t updated this blog since the beginning of January, which seems surprising and negligent in retrospect, but the last several months have been kind of a slog for me. About midway through January, my 15 year old dog, Abra, got really sick. She had been slowly showing signs of her age, getting disoriented on walks, for instance, but she went downhill fast. I couldn’t coax her to eat, she lost a shocking amount of weight in very little time, and basically … everything fell apart. We had to put her down at the end of January, and everything since then has seemed a blur.

But, I’m pulling myself (slightly) together, so I would like to get back to updating this blog! There’s a lot to look forward to in my immediate future. While I got a rejection letter from the college I really wanted to go to, I did get an acceptance to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn’s Writing Program, so mid-April I’ll be hopefully headed to NYC to check out the school and see how it feels. (I have one more outstanding college application that I should hear back about sometime in April, too. That college would allow for a *lot* of study abroad opportunities, like two or three a year, so I’m really interested in that one, too. But, when you’re 26 and have taken way too many gap years, it’s super hard to get colleges to take you seriously. 😦 Pratt, you had to submit a writing portfolio for, so I think that was a huge bonus for my otherwise paltry application.)

Anyway, so I’ll be visiting NYC soon (hopefully seeing Hamilton, even if it puts us into massive debt. My mom’s an American History teacher, and I’m completely obsessed with the musical, so it would be torture to go to NYC without seeing it, right? *trying hard to justify the bajillion dollar price tag*). I’m supposed to go to a Las Vegas Harry Potter convention in July, but the NYC trip’s cost puts that in question. Hopefully it can still happen, too. Other than that, I’m finally writing again. (Abra’s death put me into a sluggish, blank-headed depression and serious creative drought.) April’s Camp NaNoWriMo is going to be an important step towards productivity for me. April also has another 24 Hour Readathon that I’m excited for! And speaking of reading, I’ve been reading tons of books that I’ve either really enjoyed or really haven’t, either one of which can make for an interesting review. :3 Hopefully, I can get this blog moving again.

I needed some blank, nothing time to come back from my grief. Abra was my dog. It’s been so strange, not having her sitting on the couch, getting excited when I came to sit beside her. Not having her to go on walks with. She was the dog where, if I was crying, she would hurry in and put her head in my lap and lick my face. My other dog doesn’t do that (he actually leaves the room when I cry, lol, he doesn’t like conflict), and never was that more painfully apparent than when I was crying about Abra’s death and realized she was never going to come in and comfort me ever again. She was my dog since I was 12 years old, throughout my adolescence, and it’s a terrible thought that she won’t be here for my adulthood. Anyway. I loved that dog. I’m slowly coming back to myself, but it’s been hard. I like that I can come here and share that, though. I want to keep this blog alive for that reason alone.

Kiss your pets, love them, and give them an extra hug for me. ❤


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