My Wisdom Teeth Are OUT — beep boop, hello world, I have returned.

*climbs blinking into the light* It’s been a long time, blogging world! Even though I’ve been mostly laid up in bed the last couple weeks, I haven’t been in a state fit for coherent blogging.

A summary of what my last few weeks (or last month, really) has been like:

1. Starting at the end of October, a wisdom tooth appeared in my mouth and brought with it a whole host of complications. Bloody rips in my cheek, a bacterial infection that swelled up my gums, and some awful sinus infection thing that presented itself with a two-week-long headache. I seriously thought my skull was going to implode.

2. The day before Thanksgiving, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. What I remember of the surgery experience:

  • arriving early for my 8:15 appointment only for everyone else to be running late. Didn’t actually go back into the room until after 9.
  • Laying in the chair in this freezing operating room, waiting for the doctor. I was shaking so hard my teeth were chattering. I’d had to take an antibiotic before the surgery, so I was certain I’d drank too much water with the pills and was going to have some cataclysmic anesthesia complications.
  • Doctor comes in, my mom’s ushered out, an IV is injected, a rushing air nose-thing is fitted over my face, and everything got extremely loud. Like, I’m standing in a windstorm with Conch shells attached to my ears and a train rushing at me loud.
  • Next thing I know, I’m somehow in a completely different room, my mouth the driest it has ever been. Sahara desert experiencing a drought dry. Gauze wedged in between my teeth, my tongue unaccounted for, and I’ve got my cellphone in my hands. My mom just handed it to me. I was texting people, I was tweeting …I said a lot of stuff.I texted an explosion of affection to my cousin:
    textcousinThen I found my way onto Twitter:Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 10.58.13 AM Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 10.58.34 AM


3. By the time I got home, I was a full blown train-wreck. I was supposed to take a pain pill as soon as possible, for when the anesthetic wore off — swallowing a pill is a little tricky to do when you can’t feel your tongue, or your lips, or the back of your mouth, and you can only open your mouth by half a millimeter. And once the pain pills went down, each one gave me an awful stomachache and room-spinning dizzy spill. By Day 2, my mom and I had abandoned the pain medicine and I was just taking CVS brand knock-off liquid Tylenol. Worked just fine.

4. I don’t even know what the last couple weeks has consisted of. I have a strong memory of waking up on the morning of Day 2, opening my mouth, and just sloshing a mouth-bucket of blood all down my blanket. I’ve had Netflix on this entire time, first The Office and then (when it became clear I couldn’t smile or laugh because of my stitches) Friday Night Lights. (Which is such a tear-jerker. I would be eating, watching the show, and then just suddenly quietly sobbing into my mashed potatoes. A more pathetic picture has never been taken.)

5. Somewhere in there I took the final exam to a Western Civilization class and managed a 95% — which isn’t bad at all, considering I now have no memory of that experience whatsoever.

6. Tried my best but totally bombed NaNoWriMo, my first ever year of not reaching the goal. I don’t really care, though. Most of November I had all these infections swirling around my skull, and the last weeks of NaNo I was pretty much an incoherent and drooling, stitched-up mess. I’ll make up for my recent writing drought here in December.

7. Also somewhere in there, I wrapped and shipped my #TBTBSanta present for The Broke and the Bookish’s Secret Santa event! Again, I have very little memory of wrapping those presents, but it apparently happened.

My #TBTBSanta gift is ready to ship!!!

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Every morning, though, I would feel loads better than the night before. The restorative power of sleep, ladies and gentlemen! I never did bruise, either, and the swelling never got too extreme and was gone by Day 4 or 5. And the stitches seem to be dissolving really well, the wounds closing up. It was an uncomfortable first few days fraught with drama as we scrambled with every meal to find something I could eat without pain, but overall — I’ve been doing great. Happy, good moods, improving drastically every day. I’m almost completely back to solid foods and real meals. (I would get so hungry, the last couple weeks, I would just scroll through pictures of food on Pinterest and pin recipes in a wistful someday I will eat this way.) And I never have to deal with wisdom teeth drama every again!!!

I read 3 books over the last two weeks — Everything, Everything, Magonia, and Rainn Wilson’s memoir The Bassoon King. I want to post some mini-reviews or something about these soon. But, for now, I’m still climbing out of my post-surgery nest and reintroducing myself to daily, not drool-y life, so it might be a little while before I post again. At any rate, that’s my update, that’s what I’ve been doing, and let me leave you with a life mantra of the last several weeks, which I posted to Twitter a few days ago:


Have a good Tuesday, everybody. 🙂


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