Anticipating a Hiatus — Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

I’m having surgery on my wisdom teeth tomorrow morning! Not super thrilled, as I’m pretty much an obsessive hypochondriac and cripplingly afraid of going under anesthetic, but there’s no arguing my way out of this (and believe me, I have tried) — I’ve been having sinus and bacterial infections for the last couple months thanks to these angrily protruding new additions to my gums, and it’s time to get the damn things ripped out.

My oral surgeon doesn’t anticipate the procedure being too difficult. (He said, on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the hardest, my surgery should only be a 3 or 4.) Over in a half hour, and I should be out of the office another hour after that. (Me being me, I’m imagining all these awful, worst case scenario, my sinuses get ruptured, I choke on a deluge of blood, the anesthetic makes my brain implode, a wisdom tooth ends up being connected by some random fiddly ligament to my brain and when they try extracting it, they pull all my gray matter out with it — okay, this is what panicking looks like, all laid out in words.)

So, anyway. That’s the situation. Hiatus on the blog front, probably. And I’m starting to highly doubt I’ll be winning NaNoWriMo this year — unless I go nuts with post-wisdom tooth surgery, mashed-potato-fueled creative energy, I’m probably going to spend the next couple days watching The Office and Jane the Virgin on Netflix and trying not to imagine every twinge in my mouth is about to spell my imminent doom. Might not be the best atmosphere for productivity. 😐

Anyway, if you’ve had your wisdom teeth out, or any other dental surgery where you were regulated to a diet of soft foods, any suggestions for what I should eat? We’ve stocked up on yogurt, those squeezie apple & fruits or vegetables puree things (that babies eat), pudding, and three different kinds of packaged mashed potatoes. I’ve heard milkshakes and smoothies (sans straws), but I’m really leaning more towards warm and savory — we found some soups, butternut squash, tomato puree, etc., that should provide some nutrients. BLAH, okay, I’m still over-analyzing and agonizing. FOODS. HOW DO??? <- me, basically.

Okay, I’m off to distract myself and hopefully go to bed easily. By 7:30 tomorrow, I need to take a dose of like 4 antibiotics, and by 8:15 I need to be at the oral surgeon’s. 8:30, everything begins, over by 9:00, and I guess I have to stay at the office until 10 or 10:30?? I’ll keep everyone updated on twitter, provided I’m COHERENT. Eep. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Anticipating a Hiatus — Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AWK THIS IS THE WORST. *cries for you* My brother got his wisdom teeth and he was so. miserable. for. ages. I think he basically ate everything pureed but it was so unappetising he also lost a lot of weight. I technically should have mine out but….*gulps* BUT I’M ALLERGIC TO PAIN. I’ve had so many countless braces and plates and things, I just want no more teeth problems ever. So I’m ignoring my wisdom teeth and hoping I never get wisdom??? That’ll work riiiiight???XD


    1. EEP. THIS WAS A SUPER UNHELPFUL COMMENT TO READ JUST BEFORE SURGERY LOLOLOL 😁😁😁 I’m hoping I won’t be miserable and lose a ton of weight!!! All last month I was on a mashed potato/soup/applesauce diet because of this one wisdom tooth suddenly appearing and cutting my cheek and gum (the VILLAIN) so I’m at least mentally prepared for the food. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.


  2. Good luck, Christina! The only warning I’d give isn’t a well-known one, but sometimes patients come down with viral infections the week after wisdom tooth/teeth surgery. It happened to me despite the antiseptic rinse I was using – and it was worse than any head cold I’ve ever had. :S But it’s not common. I know of a few other people who have had their wisdom teeth taken out, and only one of them also came down with a viral infection.

    I think I Tweeted a couple food suggestions to you last night… I can’t remember much else, other than the foods you listed above. Just make sure you rest and have lots of books to read. 🙂


  3. I hope everything goes well with the surgery, Christina! I had a couple of friends that got their wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago. Of course the recovery period isn’t pleasant but I’ve heard it’s not too bad. And oh! I actually watched the first season of Jane the Virgin the other week. It was fun but probably something I won’t continue. Have fun with your shows though! 🙂


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