Because I’m Nosy And Love Looking At Books — The ShelfieHop!

Crystal from Bookiemoji and Kristen from My Friends Are Fiction have put together The Shelfie Hop — a chance for everyone to share pictures of their books! I shared a room tour a while back and nothing has intrinsically changed, but I definitely have tons of new books that have required innumerable rearrangements of my shelves, so here it goes: the latest, not last, arrangement of my shelves (subject to change the moment I get a new book haul and have to move everything all over again.)

I have a bookcase across from my bed which is gorgeous to wake up to everyday.

A closer pic. Top row is a mess of TBR; second row are my favorite books in the world, arranged rainbow-style; third row has my Harry Potters, some Patrick Ness, and a bunch of Stephen Fry; then that bottom row is writing-related books, including printed out drafts of my own WIPs!

Then, I have an entire closet I renovated (read: ripped the doors off) and turned into a bookshelf:

It’s hard getting pictures in there, because it’s so dark. (I’m thinking of painting the back a lighter, soft gray, maybe, in order to make picture-taking easier). But here are a few:

I’ve got my fiction books organized alphabetically by author. You can see some Austen in here, some Dostoevsky … my UK Harry Potters get their own shelf, though, of course. JKR transcends the alphabet, that’s just a given.

Along the very top is a Big Ben lego set I got for my birthday, a Jane Eyre bookmark I made, and some Walking Dead Funkos and bobbles. The center shelf continues the Cs – Gs.

That Good Omens is autographed! You can also vaguely see my cash box and TBR jaw there in the bottom right corner.

Middle shelf on the lefthand side. That’s a mug of famous literary first lines chock full of bookmarks (I share my collection below), as well as the shelves of K’s – M’s.

Here are the lower center shelves — Harry Potter with its own domain, and I think these are the Ws – Zs, along with some memoirs/biographies/a book of fairy tales (because apparently my organization got messy towards the end.)

In the lower righthand corner are my YA novels. (Which are bursting from the seams of their confinement. I might need a new bookcase soon…) I debated for a while between giving YA its own shelf or integrating it with the rest of my novels, but … I don’t want to sound like a snob, but putting Keira Cass’s The Selection Series alongside Albert Camus just felt wrong. So, YA gets its own special shelf. 

On the other side I’ve got a pile of historical nonfiction, science books, some poetry, a toy Darwin, and some TARDISes (Tardii?)

I’ll share one more pic from inside the shelves, of something special I’ve hung up:

My medal for participating in the HPA’s Road to Hogwarts 90 mile exercise challenge this summer!

OKAY SO I REALIZE I’VE INUNDATED YOU WITH PICTURES. But here’s oooooone more:  My bookmark collection!

I used to be a staunch dog-earer before I realized bookmarks could be adorable and collecting them could be downright addicting. (This isn’t even all of them, as many are tucked into books!)

Alright, I’ve spammed you enough. These are my shelves! They’re OVERLOADED. And I spend way too much time reorganizing them. BUT I LOVE THEM. They’re definitely my favorite feature of my room.

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23 thoughts on “Because I’m Nosy And Love Looking At Books — The ShelfieHop!

  1. OH MY GOD. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR RENOVATED CLOSET. THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA! (I’m sure you can tell how much I love it from my all caps. :D) But oh man, I’m so envious, and I have literal heart eyes for it.


  2. I absolutely love the closet idea! That way they have their own space and you aren’t tripping over bookshelves. I’ll have to see if I can use that one myself. Great collection.


  3. I AM IN AWE! IF I HAD A CLOSET I WOULD TOTALLY RIP MY DOOR OFF AND ATTEMPT TO CREATE THE WONDERLAND YOU HAVE! 😮 (Also I really love your copy of The Count of Monte Cristo (i think that’s what it is) I’VE BEEN WANTING THOSE CLASSIC HARDCOVERS FOR FOREVER) Your shelves, and all of your knickknacks are just the coolest. AND YOU HAVE A BOBBLE HEAD DWIGHT! I TOO HAVE A BOBBLE HEAD DWIGHT! Can we be best friends?


    1. YES LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS! Anyone with a Dwight bobblehead, I mean, has to have awesome taste, right? 😉 And yes! I really like that copy of Count of Monte Cristo, even though I haven’t read much of it yet. I went researching for the best version to buy, and everyone said the unabridged was the way to go. I’ve bought a couple more books from that hardcover collection because they’re sooooo nice. Anyway, THANK YOU! I hope you’ll one day have a closet you can brutally deface and turn into a little library. 😀


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