Tuesday Top Ten: Book to Screen Adaptations I Can’t Wait to See (and a few I’m nervous about)


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, a link-up hosted by BrokeandBookish is all about book-to-movie adaptations we’re looking forward to. I have to admit, I’ve been falling out of the loop lately when it comes to movies, so I’m bending the theme some and choosing book-to-screen adaptations, TV shows included.

Because, omg, number 1, without contest:


I’ve already flailed about this at length, but bottom line: these are my favorite books of all the books that have ever booked, and I know the BBC is going to do a good job. They’re tricky to adapt, sure, but they should be exciting, heartbreaking, and beautiful on screen. Let the BBC rise from the ashes of the burnt Golden Compass film footage and give this trilogy the adaptation it deserves.

MockingjayCover2. The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2

Because these movies make me cry. I really disliked how the Mockingjay book was written. Frankly, I thought it was a scattered, slapped together mess, but I really enjoyed the movie. Mockingjay Part 1 let the characters and the story breathe in a way the book really didn’t allow, and I’m excited to see how they go about adapting the conclusion. Jennifer Lawrence SLAYS me in these movies, so I know I’m going to love it.

3. Room

THIS TRAILER GETS TO ME EVERY TIME I WATCH IT. Brie Larson is amazing, first of all, and while the book was cute, I really love what they’ve done with the adaptation — expanding the story past the child’s point of view and past the time spent in the room/the escape. I like that we get a look at the healing, reacclimatizing process. Just — this movie is going to emotionally break me, I can feel it.

4. The Jungle Book

The trailer for this was well done, and I’m always on board for Jungle Book anything.

5. Into the Forest

Honestly, I didn’t even know this was a book before today, but Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page in a movie together? Yeah. Yeah, I’ll watch that.

Victor_Frankenstein_20156. Victor Frankenstein 

I meant to read Frankenstein this October, but just didn’t get to it. Now, when I first peripherally heard of this movie, I kind of rolled my eyes, expecting nothing more than the thousand and one cheesy Dracula adaptations I’ve suffered through. But James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe? I actually have faith in those two knuckleheads, and I think this movie could be really fun.

7. Next Season of Game of Thrones

Can it be considered a book adaptation if the book it’s adapting isn’t out yet?

I mean, I’m not Game of Thrones’ biggest fan. I think the show has been coasting on fumes for a couple seasons now, and isn’t living up to its own potential. It’s relied on rape, empty action, and shock value for a while now without really deepening or exploring its characters the way that it should, and on this front, I’m not very interested in the upcoming season.

But, the unprecedented nature of the new season is inarguably exciting. I don’t think there’s ever been a TV show before that’s come to the point where it has to effectively spoil the ending of the book series it’s adapting. That makes this new season really interesting — no one knows what’s coming anymore.

Okay, now for the ones I’m nervous about:

movies-harry-potter-fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them8. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Count me as one of the many fans disappointed we didn’t get (at the very least) a biracial lead for this movie. Or any sign of diversity in the main cast at all. (I wish I’d never read about someone’s fancast of Richard Ayoade as Newt. The lost potential, it burns.)

And that no-maj thing? Ehhhh. Doesn’t sound like believable American slang, I’m sorry. (What about ‘mugs’? Would’ve fit the time period way better.) I don’t know, it’s all making me very nervous. But, hey, there’s going to be a scene set in a jazz club. So at least we know we’ll get some characters of color there. (*weeps*)

9. That Beauty and the Beast Film With Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

Look, it could either be a mess, or kind of brilliant. The cast is so strange, and I don’t know how to feel.

10. A Monster Calls

All I know about this adaptation is that Liam Neeson is in it, so it’s probably going to be good. But I adored this book, and a huge part of the reading experience for me were the illustrations, which set the atmosphere for this creepy, subtle, gently beautiful story, so … I dunno. I’d like to know more about this movie before I get too excited.

unless the whole movie looks like *this*, I'm going to be disappointed
unless the whole movie looks like *this*, I’m going to be disappointed

There you have it, my 10 Book to Screen Adaptations that I either can’t wait to see, or am cautiously interested in. What adaptations are you all looking forward to? Leave a comment, and drop me a link to your Tuesday Top Ten if you did one!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Book to Screen Adaptations I Can’t Wait to See (and a few I’m nervous about)

  1. Yay, another person excited about Into the Forest! I loved that book. And I had no idea about the BBC version of His Dark Materials until I started reading other people’s TTT lists today. I’m so glad — and I hope they’ll do it justice!


    1. I’ll admit, I haven’t read Into the Woods yet, but it looks so good! i’ll definitely have to add it to my TBR before I see the movie.

      And YESSS! HDM deserves a well-done adaptation. Usually BBC miniseries are pretty on-point as far as staying true to the original material, so I have a lot of trust in them.


  2. Oh, I SO agree with all the adaptions you’re nervous about. WHAT IF I HATE FANTASTIC BEASTS!? I am a massive, massive fan of HP… and I’m terrified it’s going to be a letdown. And ooh, I had NO idea A Monster Calls was going to be made into a movie! I loved that book SO much. ❤


    1. OH I’M SO GLAD. I was nervous admitting that I’m not super excited about Fantastic Beasts. I mean, Harry Potter is my LIFE, so my expectations of this movie are just astronomical. Eeep. *chews fingernails* I hope it ends up being amazing and just blows us all away.


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