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Ahh. *cracks knuckles* Nothing I enjoy more than loudly stating my negative opinions. (Not really. But tag posts are fun. And negative tags are especially appealing.) I can’t remember where I found this first, but this Unpopular Opinions Tag is a perfect chance to get some of my pricklier thoughts off my chest.

disclaimer: these are unpopular opinions. please don’t throw anything at me, I’m only playing along!!


There are so many. I get myself so hyped up over some books (especially books that every blogger raves over) that I inevitably end up disappointed. (Examples: An Ember in the Ashes is getting rave reviews, and I really disliked it. And a lot of people think Rainbow Rowell’s Landline is her best book yet, but I honestly thought it read like a sloppy first draft. I’m sorry!!)

Another answer for this — Wuthering Heights. But this is a tricky one, because I did like it. I liked it a lot! I thought it was beautifully written and enjoyed the story — but I couldn’t have cared less about Heathcliff and Cathy. I didn’t find them romantic — hell, I barely found them digestible. (He threw a baby down a flight of stairs and expressed disappointment when it didn’t die. Do people honestly find this personality swoon-worthy?) Their relationship was a train wreck — if we’re speaking about a train I held a personal and particular disdain for and wanted to see blown to bits. I’ve found this to be an incredibly unpopular opinion — so many people regard this book as achingly romantic, and pair Heathcliff and Cathy with literary couples like Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy — which, to me, totally disregards what hateful, overdramatic jackasses these two people were. Anyway. I’d say that’s an unpopular opinion.


A friend of mine loathed The Crucible when she had to read it for school (actually hissed at it when she saw it on my bookshelf), but when I randomly read it late one evening, all in one super tense and engaged sitting, I really enjoyed it. Like, was squirming in my chair, I was so into it. Granted, I read it somewhere between midnight and dawn, was probably delirious, and was definitely enjoying my mental fancast of Michael Fassbender as John Proctor a little too much … but yeah, totally loved it.

Now we’re going to swing very far in the other direction as I confess to what I’ve already mentioned numerous times on this blog — I think The Selection series is downright adorable. Total fluff. Probably actively kills brain cells. It’s the sweetest, cheapest kind of candy that makes your teeth sting. But I gobbled those books up. So, you can imagine my surprise when I go on The Selection’s GoodReads page and realize — this was the book that caused all that GoodReads drama a couple years back! Where the author and the agent responding to negative reviewers in the messiest and most public way possible. This book has mountains of feebly twinkling one star reviews — it was like, the unofficial most hated book on GoodReads. And I loved it. I know it’s horrible, to be fair, but still.


Let’s see … I read Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere earlier this month, and definitely didn’t like how the love triangle turned out. One guy is super sweet and understanding and you’re trying to help each other through your grief … so you fall for the guy who is super quick to anger, cruel in his anger, extremely stubborn, and pushingly incommunicative? Yeah, no thanks.

Also, I still kinda wish Harry/Luna had happened. *hands up* come at me.


Crime / mystery / thriller fiction. Things that open with dead bodies and involve a lot of interviewing relatives and flashing badges and visiting gruesome crime scenes. I watch Hannibal, and Sherlock — those years that it’s on — but that’s about as much crime-of-the-week fiction as I can take. I started reading Silence of the Lambs this month and it’s such a slog for me — this just isn’t my genre.

unpop5Ron Weasley. I’M SORRY. HE CHAFES ME. He’s got … I don’t know … wizard privilege. He’s the least mature of the trio, and can get petty and nasty. In Deathly Hallows, when they’re talking to Griphook and Hermione mentions that they care passionately for goblin and non-human rights and Ron shifts uncomfortably or something like that — just. ugh. You ignorant tool. I know he gets redeemed when he cares about the house elves during the final fight, but … this is the unpopular opinion meme — I can confess, I’ve never been a fan of Ron.

unpop6John Green. *ducks flying stones* I watch his YouTube videos all the time, I’ve seen him speak in person and found him hilarious and friendly and easy to be around — but I can’t say his books are my favorite. I’ve read all of them, I think, TFioS twice, and they’re just okay for me.

unpop7LOVE TRIANGLES THAT TAKE OVER THE PLOT OF THE BOOK. Frankly, I don’t even mind love triangles a lot of the time. Like, The Selection Series, especially The Heir, is basically a love dodecahedron, and I eat those up happily. But I expect a love triangle out of a book about a reality show romance competition. If the story is about fighting monsters or overthrowing the government or finding lost treasuredoes there need to be a love triangle tacked on? And when the romantic storyline takes precedence, and the actual, interesting monster-fighting, government-overthrowing, treasure-hunting is shoved onto a back burner — that’s when I get annoyed. Romantic seesawing doesn’t make for a compelling story, and it’s frustrating when there’s something more interesting going on, but the main character can’t clamber out of her own drama long enough to focus on it.



As an internet grandma who was on Livejournal during the height  of the Harry Potter fandom, my memories of Cassandra Clare aren’t strictly related to Best-Selling Author. They’re more … plagiarizing BNF drama-llama. So, even though people love these Mortal Instrument books …  I can’t see past all the fandom drama to drum up any interest in them.

unpop9Hunger Games. There, I’ve said it. While I like the story, I don’t like Suzanne Collins’ writing. (And, frankly, the plotting in Mockingjay was so scattered it was barely comprehensible.) The movies have done a great job of capturing the spirit of the book while reeling in the plot to something concise and quick-paced. I really respect what they’ve been able to do.

PINK line

Were there ten questions to this tag, or only nine? The blog I found this on only included nine… Anyway *uncracks knuckles* (can you do that??) Unpopular opinion-spewing has finished! I’ve ranted and raved — now it’s your turn. Have you done this tag? Link me up! If not, tell me — what are some of the most unpopular opinions YOU have about popular books, tropes, and pairings??


12 thoughts on “unpopular opinions // a bookish tag

  1. *high five* I didn’t love Wuthering Heights either! I just don’t understand how it’s so romanticized.

    I have a feeling I’ll enjoy The Selection as well once I get around to reading it. I’m waiting to binge all five though next spring 😉 Sometimes a book that kills brain cells is what you need!

    You know… I can totally see the Harry/Luna thing. I’m still really happy that it was a platonic friendship, but I could get behind that ship!

    YES I totally agree about The Hunger Games! Catching Fire is about equal, though. I really liked both the movie and the book.


    1. Ooh yes, Catching Fire was totally my favorite of the books. And the movie captured the story perfectly!

      I never like, passionately shipped Harry/Luna (I shipped all the older students and adults like crazy, but Harry’s generation I never got into) but of all the possible combinations, I really liked their chemistry — that they were both outsiders, and had a lot of empathy for each other and a strong emotional connection.

      I hope you like The Selection, lol — it’s a hard book to recommend because it’s SUCH fluff, but so long as you know going into it that it’s silly fruity candy, you’ll have a good time. 😀


  2. I don’t have much interest in reading the Mortal Instruments series, either. Then again, I’m not a big fan of paranormal books, so… yeah.

    You also didn’t like An Ember in the Ashes??? *thanks the book gods* Everyone I know either enjoyed it or thought it was OK, but that book frustrated me like crazy.


    1. Yeah, I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and read a little bit of the first book via Amazon’s “look inside” — I’m just not feeling it.

      AND YAY, ANOTHER EMBER IN THE ASHES ANTI-FAN! *hugs and squeezes you* I’ve been feeling like a total outsider. Everyone’s been raving about it, but I just … there was a lot of dodgy rape culture content, the characters were so flat, the writing was so vague and mediocre — I was not a fan at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My biggest problem with it was the writing, too. In some ways it reminded me of the issues I had with Veronica Roth’s Allegiant. And I also got sick of the frequent mentions / threats of rape. Not even a Song Of Fire And Ice novel does that as often as this book did.

        I’ll stop there. *lol*


  3. What a fun post. I totally didn’t like Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. I am not that impressed with John Green either. I can think of plenty of love triangles where the heroine ends up with the guy I didn’t like… I haven’t read the Selection because I was very much aware of the drama when it went down, so I Stayed away. Maybe one day…..


  4. UGHHH I totally agree about the love triangle plot! Makes me sick every time it appears… But I DISAGREE about Ron Weasley! He’s one of my favourite characters in the series. He’s not just the privileged pureblood, he has a lot of insecurities because he’s the last son and because he’s always second best compared to Harry. But he’s loyal and brave and selfless and I love him so much.


  5. abookishbelle

    SO SO glad that someone else acknowledges the elephant in the room that is Cassie Clare’s plagiarism..now if we could also discuss her strange obsession with incestuous love triangles…ugh


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