The ‘Would You Rather’ Book Tag


Alright, so I may or may not be obsessed with tag posts (see my Reader Problems and Tom Hanks tag posts for evidence of my shame), but I’ve snagged this fun little number from Wander-ful Words, and am succumbing once again to my obsession.

(Seriously, though, these posts bring me back to those meme-answering, quiz-taking Livejournal days of old. *nostalgic sigh*)

As ever with my tag posts, I’m a super new blogger with no idea what tags anyone has already done, so if you come across this post and like the questions, do it!!

So, the question begs: If you could only do one or other, would you rather…

1. Read only trilogies or stand-alones?

I would definitely pick reading stand-alones until the end of time, and give up my trilogies. Stand-alones tell complete stories and surely cover most of the books ever written; I feel like I’d have plenty of reading material, whereas there are only so many trilogies out there.

2. Read only female or male authors?

This one is tricky, because if I choose only male authors, I lose JK Rowling, and if I pick only female authors, I lose Neil Gaiman  … and Stephen Fry … and Tolkien … and Patrick Ness, and Phillip Pullman and — Clearly, I’ve already read my share of male authors. I should probably pick female authors, develop a new list of favorites I can’t possibly live without.

3. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Amazon has the ease of super fast shipping, but also the shady business practices, whereas Barnes & Noble’s shipping is glacial, but their stores are delightful and relaxing. I think I could give up Amazon. It would probably be good for me (and my bank account) to give up Amazon, actually, and restrict myself to only buying as many books as I can physically carry out of a store. So, I choose Barnes & Noble.

4. All books become movies or TV shows?

TV SHOWS THIS ISN’T EVEN A QUESTION. Mini-series would be my ultimate answer, though, but I’ll settle for a couple seasons of 10-13 episodes that tell the story faithfully and, if applicable, expand on secondary characters’ story lines. (I should make it my life goal to make a Harry Potter mini series/tv show happen. Because that’s all I’ve ever wanted or will ever want. Or maybe my life goal should be to make better goals?)

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Sometimes it feels like I already do just read 5 pages a day. And while that’s torturously slow, I feel like 5 books a week would be overwhelming. That’s almost a book a day, and when would I get anything else done? And how could I remember each book if I’m flying through them so quickly? At the same time, I don’t think I could stand only reading 5 pages a day — at the end of a month, you’d have only read 140 pages, barely half of a book! So, I guess I’ll go with 5 books a week. Maybe some of them could be graphic novels, cheat a little.

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

Oh, author. Definitely author. That’s my life goal after the Harry Potter miniseries thing (that is totally in my power to achieve. Just have to put it out there, like The Secret.)

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

I thought I was going to say I would always read new ones, but I think I’m going to have to go with my Top 20. Because I can’t live in a world where I can’t reread Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Neverwhere, or Sherlock Holmes stories, or any of my other favorites. If you could read your 20 favorites over and over, as a writer, you would know those stories backwards and forwards, and be able to really study them and learn from them. Reading is a huge comfort activity for me, so it’s important to me to get to return to my comfort books. (I guess even at the risk of never reading anything new ever again. I’m just a … reclusive little hermit hoarding her Harry Potter books in a burrow somewhere, content never to leave.)

8. Be a librarian or book seller?

BOOK SELLER. I have a secret little dream of owning a bookshop and frequently go through etsy planning on all the little necklaces and bookmarks and bookish prints I would order wholesale and stock in my shop. (I really want to call my hypothetical shop Books & Cleverness — I don’t know if you can use lines from books in store names, but I’ve heard of a bookshop called the hobbit hole or something, so maybe?) Anyway. Bookseller all the way. Bookish knickknack seller, even.

9. Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

I have so many favorite genres! Fantasy is probably my favorite favorite, but even if I couldn’t read fantasy anymore, there’s still classics, contemporary, there’s still books with magical realism that sneakily bypass the fantasy shelves and get themselves out there into general fiction .. I think I would pick “every genre except your favorite.” I wouldn’t want to get sick of my favorite genre — and there’s nothing saying I couldn’t still write fantasy.

10. Only read physical books or eBooks?

Only read physical books. I basically do this now. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, and I use it occasionally, but not really that often. Reading is what I do when I need a break from my computer and phone screens! So I would give up my ebook a lot easier than my paperbacks.

PINK line

This was fun — and I probably gave it way too serious and sincere of thought that I needed to. If you’ve read this post all the way to the end, I tag you to do it! And comment back here with a link, if you do! Otherwise, tell me your answers to some of these questions in the comments! Would you rather read only male authors or female authors? Reread only favorite books or only read brand new ones? What are some other good Would You Rather scenarios? Throw them at me, let’s talk!


2 thoughts on “The ‘Would You Rather’ Book Tag

  1. I love how your answer to #6 comes without hesitation. 😉 That would be mine, too!

    #10 – Only books. I still don’t own an e-reader now, and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon.

    #8 – I’ve never thought about this before… But maybe I’d be a bookseller, too. I love visiting independent book shops, seeing their collections, and simply just being there. If I had to choose, I’d want to give other readers the opportunity to have the same experience, with a few surprises. 🙂

    #9 – As much as I love dabbling in other genres, I’d have to go with reading in my favorite genre only. I’d be heartbroken if I wasn’t allowed to read fantasy. I love it too much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great answers! Owning a bookstore would be super fun — I always love reorganizing my bookshelves and finding bookish knickknacks to place around my room, I would totally have a ball doing that for a larger store. (Only, you’d have to deal with rude customers and shoplifters occasionally when running a business, and that side of things I’m not so enthusiastic about…)

      Liked by 1 person

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