Parents Just Don’t Understand // Beautiful People, June Edition

beautifulIt’s time for another Beautiful People post! BP is a monthly link-up for writers hosted by Cait @ PaperFury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In  to answer questions about their books and characters. This month’s theme is all about parents.

The main characters in my WIP fantasy series are adults, and very few of them have parents that affect their lives or are involved in the story. (Since it’s a portal fantasy that’s basically a second world fantasy, and the main characters left their parents and their old lives behind.) But, there is a scene a few books into the series where my character Ol Aarons (short for Oliver) gets to visit his family after a many-decades’ absence — so I’ll be filling this questionnaire out for him!

1. Do they know both their biological parents? Why/why not?

Yes, though he hasn’t seen either of them for a very long time.

2. Have they inherited any physical resemblances from their parents?

Yeah! We briefly see a photograph of his father hinting that Ol resembles him strongly:

The black and white photo could’ve been of Ol today, only the man in the photograph had smoother cheeks, a blunter nose, slightly more space between his eyes. But Ol had inherited his father’s eyebrows, his square chin, and his slight, perpetual frown.

3. What’s their parental figure(s) dress style? Add pictures if you like!

We see Ol’s mom in a frumpy, floral house dress. I imagine pictures of his father as a young man in military uniform contrasting strongly with his present-day father, a guy gone slightly to seed. For him, I see ratty, comfortable clothes — sweat pants, etc., and shirts that do not hide a sizable paunch. (This is not very flattering.)

4. Do they share any personality traits with their parental figures? And which do they take after most?

His parents are a little bit cold, a little bit stubborn, a little brash and distant. All those are traits Ol can identify with and probably inherited in some respect from them. I’d say he takes after his mother the most, though he looks more like his father.

5. Do they get on with their parental figure(s) or do they clash?

Clash. Ol’s meeting with his family after years of absence does not go well at all.

6. If they had to describe their parental figure(s) in one word, what would it be?


He didn’t know why he expected them to be kind or nurturing or anything beyond stubborn and suspicious. They were his family after all.

7. How has their parental figure(s) helped them most in their life?

I would say, they prepared him to be self-sufficient. To cook for himself, restrict himself, give himself rules and exercise self-discipline.

8. What was their biggest fight with their parental figure(s)?

When he comes back into their lives momentarily, and can’t explain to them why he’s not home for good. He can’t explain about the fantasy world and his window for returning home only being so big, so they can’t conceptualize why it’s taken him so many years to reconnect with them, and why he’s taking off again so soon.

9. Tracing back the family tree, what nationalities are in their ancestry?

Hmm — good question! I hadn’t thought past their last few generations of American-ness. They have the kind of dark hair, dark eyes I could see having some Irish ancestry in their blood.

10. What’s their favourite memory with their parental figure(s)?

In the little bit I’ve written about Ol’s childhood, he thought very favorably of his mother’s food. So I imagine any family dinner, any holiday, lunches he brought from home, were sources of comfort for Ol. After leaving home, that memory of home-cooked meals would’ve been one he missed most.

PINK line

I liked these questions — I don’t give nearly the attention to my characters’ parents as I should! (And even less to their children — there are only two kids in my entire six book WIP. Child-bearing couples just aren’t the priority over here, apparently!) If you’re a writer, do you incorporate your characters’ parents into the story? If you filled out a Beautiful People post, link me to it! Otherwise, let’s talk — what terrible traits did you inherit from your parents? *eyes my mom and dad* I think I got stubbornness and a horrible tendency to procrastinate from these lazy bums *cough* I mean wonderful, beautiful people. 😉


3 thoughts on “Parents Just Don’t Understand // Beautiful People, June Edition

  1. Cait

    Ol sounds like a really interesting character and I LOVED this peek into his parents’ lives too!! Cold and stubborn?! OOH, my people. xD HEhE I actually don’t have a lot of parents in my books either!! **gasps** I really want to, but I’m often writing weird magical books where everyone is crazy and there’s just not much parenting going on. It’s a problem. >_>

    Me personally?! Ohh, I think I take after my mum! Mostly in looks, but also we’re both pretty sensitive and tend to be always irritatingly working instead of joining in family activities. Woops. XD

    Thanks for linking up with us!


    1. Thanks for creating the link-up, I love the questions you pose every month — they really make me think about my characters! I should definitely try to have parents around more often, and not so many orphans running around with no familial ties to speak of…


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