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Books & Blogging in May (a wild wrap up appears)

maywrapupI made a wild claim in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to do a wrap up for this month, but I’m feeling slightly better today, slightly more collected, slightly more in control of emotions. (The black cloud of grief is steadily clearing above my head, but man, it’s been a sucky few days.) Ergo, with June just on the horizon (how? and more importantly, why??) I bring you my Wrap Up for the month of May!

I’m linking up with Sunday Post for this, though it’s more of a monthly recap than just what’s happened in this last week. (I’ve never met a rule or clearly defined set of instructions I couldn’t weasel my way around…)


I had a good blogging month, lots of memes/tags and Tuesday Top Tens, and lots of lovely comments from all of you!! Here’s a quick list of what I posted over the last month:

1. First Draft Fatigue? How To Stay Motivated When Your Story Has Lost Its Steam
2. Weekend Writing Warriors
3. Problems Every Reader Can Relate To
4. Beautiful People, May Edition
5. The Moments I Look Forward To Whenever I Reread Harry Potter
6. Ten Authors I Would Never Ever Be Able to Meet
7. Sickles and Sixpence: Deciding Your Fantasy World’s Currency
8. Ten Books That Made Me A Better Writer
9. The Tom Hanks Book Tag
10. Ten Books That Would Genuinely Help If You’re Stranded on a Deserted Island
11. The Endless Possibilities Readathon!
12. The passing of my cat, Dylan

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