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ten characters I would totally share a library with

Every week The Broke and The Bookish hosts a Top Ten Tuesday link-up for writers. This week’s theme is open — ten characters who share something. I’ve chosen to go the bookish slant, and searched through my stacks for all the fictional readers I could find as a compiled a list of:

My Top Ten Characters I would totally share a library with:

160689051. Cath, from Fangirl. Cath is probably THE character I’ve identified with the most in all of my time reading books. She’s shy, introverted, is ruder than she means to be, and loves fandom. She writes fan fic, devours Simon Snow books, puts fan art up on her walls — She gets it, and probably has a library heaving with fantasy books (not to mention slashy fantasy books) that I would love to get my hands on.

2. Hermione, from Harry PotterI mean, first of all, Hermione’s library is basically the Hogwarts library, so you KNOW the girl’s got an amazing selection of books to choose from. Books with moving pictures, books with magic spells, books on the history of the Wizarding World — and, not to be cheeky, but if ever you want to read something Hermione doesn’t have, she can always go “Accio *Subject of Choice*” — because apparently that’s all you need to say to find super rare, hidden books on Horcruxes — okay that rant isn’t necessary right now. The point is, Hermione has access to everything. Books on potions, books on giants, on Animagi, on Charms. And she’s basically a walking encyclopedia in and of herself — who doesn’t want to sit down with Hermione and talk about books? My only qualm: the girl seems to be much more interested in nonfiction than fiction, but when your nonfiction selection involves Wizards and magic spells … yeah, I think we could manage.

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