the greatest picture ever taken of me

Thank you, Facebook’s On This Day feature, for reminding me of the greatest picture I’ve ever been a part of — the greatest picture, actually, that may have ever been taken. Three years ago today, I scanned this picture and posted it on FB, because it is glorious, and confusing, and something that, to this day, I do not understand.


I’m the baby in this picture, and I have so many questions. Where are we? Why are my sister’s pants so high? Why are my mom’s glasses so large? WHY IS THAT HORSE BIGGER THAN THE THREE HUMANS? I COULD FIT INTO ITS NOSTRIL. WHAT ARE THESE PROPORTIONS? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT’S GOING ON????

Anyway, just a little something silly for your Monday. What’s the weirdest picture anyone’s ever taken of you? Have you ever flipped through a family photo album and had to just PAUSE because you DON’T UNDERSTAND?