My Favorite Authors Ever (Top Ten Tuesdays)

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a blog-link up hosted every week by BrokeandBookish. This week’s theme is nothing short of torture:

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

This was a hard list to cobble together, but I asked myself: if I had never read this author’s work, would my life be  — even just slightly — worse? So, these are ten authors whose books came to me at just the right time in my life, taught me something I needed to learn, or were just there for me when I was in need of a friend.

1. Truman Capote

INCOLDBLOODbreakfastat summercrossing

I have to include Capote, I mean, in my Yummy Yummy Words: All Time Favorite Sentences post, I quoted him twice. My Capote binge came when I was 18 or 19, just starting to seriously write myself, and I was heavily influenced by his poetic, gorgeous, and yet simple prose.

2. Shirley Jackson

bookcover01 bookcover02 bookcover03

Queen of the creeping terror, Shirley Jackson creates worlds that are just not quite right. We Have Always Lived in the Castle is one of my all-time favorite books. I shivered when I read it, just because it happened to be everything I wanted at that moment: it’s short, concise, creepy, it’s about sisters, and death, and ostracism, and murder — it’s just fantastic.

3. JK Rowling


I mean, how can I not? I’ll admit I haven’t been the biggest fan of her post-Potter work, but that doesn’t negate the influence Harry Potter had on me growing up. There’s a quote on Tumblr about how JKR didn’t change our lives, she shaped them. I think that’s absolutely true.

4. Phillip Pullman

hdm Subtle_Knife_cover amber

Again, this isn’t an author I’ve read widely outside of one work of his, but that one work was so important to me, I’ve got to include him. His Dark Materials is everything I wanted and needed as a teenager. A children’s book with adventure, atheism, a female protagonist, so many animal feels, and gay angels to boot? Love that trilogy, I’m so happy I found it when I did.

5. Stephen Fry

moab whatisthiscover thehippo

I think I’ve read all of, or almost all of, Stephen Fry’s work to date. His first memoir, Moab is My Washpot was fantastic. I mentioned the Hippopotamus in my Cake Book Tag post as Eggs: A Book You Thought Was Going to be Bad But Actually Turned Out Quite Enjoyable. And Making History is just one of my favorite books of all time. A time travel plot to kill Hitler that has both drastically dire consequences and a male/male love story? YES, PLEASE.

6. Neil Gaiman

neverwhere (1) ocean coraline

Neil Gaiman is so easy to recommend to people, because he’s got such a wealth of books to pull from. His writing is poetic, something to savor, his worlds dark and fantastical and always just a little bit creepy and lovely all at the same time.

7. Rainbow Rowell


Rowell’s books are just fun. They make me feel good, like I’m slipping into a warm bath or eating something sweet and comforting. I was giddy the first time I read Fangirl, because I’d never identified so much with a protagonist — Cath is introverted, shy, comes off too abrasive and judgmental, she’s a writer, she’s in LOVE with fic and fandom. We need more books with fan fic writers and fandom-y main characters!!

8. Jane Austen


These are total comfort books for me. Emma is another protagonist, like Cath, that I identified with strongly — and Pride and Prejudice is just an all-time favorite read. (Plus, I think I’ve loved just about every Austen movie or mini-series adaptation I’ve ever seen. Seriously, there’s something amazing about all of them. I love period romances so much?????)

9. J.R.R Tolkien


As someone who is writing a fantasy book series that required the creation of an entire world and the constant looping and rearranging of strings whose natural state is to want to tangle up irreconcilably, I have mad respect for Tolkien; he devoted his life to Middle Earth. He created an entire world, an entire language, generations upon generations of characters, mythology, everything.

Now, it’s no question that, looking back on it today, there’s a lot of dubious racial content in these books, and I completely respect and understand people who have a problem with Tolkien’s work. But I still really love his world, and really respect the time and effort and mental determination that goes into keeping so much information straight while simultaneously delivering some absolutely wonderful, suspenseful, exciting stories about adventure and friendship and the fight of good against evil.

10. Someone I Haven’t Discovered Yet

This is both a cop-out and a serious choice — I don’t know who my tenth favorite author is. I’ve racked my brains and my bookshelves for all of my favorite people, and I came short at nine. But I kind of like that. I like the thought that my tenth favorite author is out there somewhere, I just haven’t read them yet. Someday, I’m going to come across a writer with a body of work that speaks to me, that floors me, even, and I’m going to excitedly announce they’re one of my Favorite Authors of All-TIme, joining the ranks with the people aforementioned. I’ll just have to keep reading, so I can find them. 🙂

PINK lineSo, who are your favorite authors of all time??? How do you even begin to pick a favorite author? Is it someone who wrote that one perfect book you read at just the right moment? Or someone who consistently produces quality books? Or someone who is an author, who just seems like a great, kind, awesome person, regardless of if their books are technically your favorites?! Leave a comment, let’s talk!


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Authors Ever (Top Ten Tuesdays)

    1. Thank you! I hope you do check out Shirley Jackson — I’ve loved just about everything I’ve read from her. Other than her novels, another good entry point is her short story The Lottery. Very good!


  1. You have some great authors on your list and others that I was not clued into before today! For me, my biggest influences from my youth are Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern) and JRR Tolkien, both of which I grew up reading and re-reading voraciously. Other authors that have found their way into my heart are:
    – Jim Butcher for his brilliant Codex Alera series and the amazingly fun Dresden series
    – Kelly McCollough – MythOS series which strikes a chord with all the right heartstrings for me (though I still have yet to explore his other works!)
    – Devon Monk – Allie Beckstrom series. I love her strong female character and world building of magic in the present day with a pinch of love and soulmates
    -G.R.R.M. – Game of Thrones, various short stories… what can I say, I am a fantasy world nut

    There are others of course, and so many more that are on my list to read. That list is huge, and I love adding to it. It is, in fact, one of the few lists in my life that I can honestly say never stresses me out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a friend who LOVES the Dresden series — I really need to check it out! And I’ve never read Dragonriders of Pern, but looking it up on wikipedia, it sounds like something right up my alley.

      Thanks so much for commenting! Now I want to look up all the authors on your list and add them to my ever expanding TBR list. 😀


  2. Fabulous list, and I love your prompt — would your life be worse without this author’s books? Great way to approach the question! I see a few authors here who should have been on my list too (silly me for overlooking them) — especially Philip Pullman and Rainbow Rowell. I’m glad to see the love for We Have Always Lived in the Castle! I finally read it this year via audiobook, and it was so perfectly creepy and wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yay, another We Have Always Lived in the Castle fan! It’s one of those books that’s SO GREAT that almost no one has ever heard of. I always have to recommend it to people, mainly because, if they like it I just know we’ll get along. 😉

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  3. Cait

    I absolutely ADORE Neil Gaiman, although I feel like a cheater for saying that because I really haven’t read a whole ton of his books. *hangs head in shame* Good Omens is my LIFE though. I would reread that book in a heartbeat if I owned it, and I like never ever feel like rereading. xD I love Philip Pullman too! I need to finish that trilogy. AND RAINBOW ROWELL IS BEAUTIFUL PERFECTION. :’)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  4. I read Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery for English last year, and needless to say I was scared speechless by it. Such an eerie and creepy story, and definitely a testament to what a talented writer she is.

    And JK Rowling is absolutely fabulous. She can do no wrong.

    Thanks for sharing and great choices! ❤

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