YUMMY YUMMY WORDS // some of my favorite sentences from books that I love

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Confession time: I really, really like books. But, more than that, I really, really like words. Sometimes, a book overall might feel lackluster — the plot might fall apart at the end, the characters might make decisions you don’t agree with, and a book can, more than occasionally, leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But sentences? Sentences are great. A really good line can’t let you down. Even the worst book can’t totally erase that one perfect sentence from chapter 8.  It can just be there, perfectly written, its rhythm dancing along your tongue begging you to read it out loud. A great sentence can hang around in the back of your brain, itching in your fingers insisting you write it out in your own handwriting, just to feel what it’s like to write something so brilliant.

So, I tried to think of some of my all-time favorite sentences in books that I’ve read. Lines or paragraphs that made me stop. Sometimes because of their context in the story, sure, but mostly because of how good they sounded. Mostly because something in that sentence whispered, wait a second. Savor what just happened. Acknowledge the literary mic that just dropped.

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