a day in the life of a writer who writes too much: another 10,000 word day

Right now, I’m currently sprawled in my bed, nursing an orange juice, wishing very much that my dog would stop barking at quite so high a pitch. Hungover? Not quite.

No, yesterday I decided to write 10,000 words in virtually one sitting, and so, today, I can’t remember how to focus my eyeballs.

So, here’s the story:

First off, let me tell you how yesterday began. Yesterday, our home vet was set to visit “before 8 am” (her decision, not ours) in order to administer some worm medicine shots to two of our cats. Preparation for this visit involved cornering the cats and putting them/FLINGING THEM into the laundry room, so we could be sure where they were when the vet arrived, and not spend half an hour trying to drag them out from under the bed.

Anyway. One cat was in the laundry room. My mom was carrying the other cat, and I was holding a plate of wet cat food to set in there with them. The plate was a regular ceramic-or-whatever plate, because we’d run out of the paper plates we normally feed the cats on. That’s important. Because, as I was going down the step into the back room on the way to the laundry room, I … didn’t.

I didn’t go down the step.

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