Hey, are you still alive? Happy? Fictional? (Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Like to Check Up On)


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup for writers and book bloggers run by The Broke and Bookish, where you compile a top 10 list based on a certain theme. This week’s theme is:

top 10 characters I’d like to check up on

I have a tendency to, through fandom and fan fiction and basic level obsessive behavior, hold onto the books I read and characters I love for months, even years after the story is finished. So, thinking up 10 characters who I’d like to check up on, find out how they’re doing today, make sure they’re okay, and happy, and still going on adventures, was not at all a difficult task.

(Though, I kept thinking of characters like Thorin Oakenshield, who are dead, where I’d like an alternate reality where they were alive and I could check up on them there. I promise, everyone in the list below is still alive by the end of their canon.)

So here they are, in no particular order, the characters I would love to check up with. (Warning: there’s no way this post won’t have spoilers, as it concerns what might happen to these characters after canon ended.)

1. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy // PRIDE & PREJUDICE


Bajillions of unofficial Pride and Prejudice sequels will attest to our cultural thirst to know what else went on in the lives of one of the best loved couples: Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I just want to know what their lives are like, what Lizzie does for fun, if they had kids and what kind of a father Darcy is. If they froze Lydia and Wickham out forever, if they go on adorable family holidays with Jane and Mr. Bingley. Bah. *grabby hands* I wants.

2. Richard Mayhew // NEVERWHERE

neverwhere (1)

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere ends with Richard Mayhew, only just escaped from the mysterious and dangerous alternate-world called London Below, electing to go back there for good. And it ends, just begging for a sequel. Or maybe that’s me, begging for the sequel. Maybe I’m begging so loudly I can hear myself echoing. Anyway. There are too many adventures to be had in London Below for the story to just stop there. *weeps*

3. Crowley and Aziraphale // GOOD OMENS


SPEAKING OF NEIL GAIMAN (AND THE LATE AND GREAT TERRY PRATCHETT), I would love to hear an update on the goings-on of accidental best friends, the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale from Good Omens. We know they share a cottage together in the South Downs, and that’s about it. Are they still successfully staving off the apocalypse? Is Aziraphale still slowly corrupting himself? With the advances in technology, what recent horrors can we blame on Crowley’s meddling?

4. Um, Absolutely Everyone in Harry Potter


WELL THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. If JKR wanted to give us a day-by-day, minute-by-minute, breath-by-breath account of everything everyone in Harry Potter does until the utter and absolute end of their lives–yeah, it still wouldn’t be enough to satiate me. Pottermore helps, but glorified wikipedia entries are not the same as rich, new, long stories.

5. Lyra Silvertongue // HIS DARK MATERIALS


I know we got a little glimpse of in Phillip Pullman’s Lyra’s Oxford novella, but His Dark Materials ends with Lyra’s entire life in front of her. And how’s probably one of my favorite characters of all time, Iorek Byrnison doing??? And what about Will, separated from them forever?! HDM has got to be my favorite trilogy, three of the best books I’ve ever read. So … I will gladly take some more.

6. Maurice and Scudder // MAURICE


E.M. Forester’s novel Maurice is 1) beautiful 2) I think one of the first literary novels in which a same-sex relationship was allowed to end happily. (And still got criticized all over the place for the walking-off-into-the-sunset ending not being realistic enough. This is fiction, for crying out loud, can’t we give at least ONE book about gay characters a happy ending??) But, yes, considering their happy ending, their blowing off everyone’s opinions and expectations, their resolve to to be “parted no more” and pursue a happy future — I’d love to check in with them, see how their lives treated them.

Actually, I just researched this, and apparently there’s an otherwise unpublished epilogue in the Abringer edition of the book, which says they became woodcutters, and after Maurice’s sister Kitty finds out, and is repulsed, by the relationship, they decide they need to move on once again, go somewhere else, to stay hidden. Did they have to move around their entire lives, uprooting constantly? That sucks, if so. 😦

7. Winston Smith // 1984


Ooh, that would be scary — to see how the main character from 1984 is doing in present day, after falling to Big Brother. Did he ever have another relapse of self-awareness? Or was he lost for good?



The Chaos Walking trilogy ended with both turmoil and a slightly hopeful ending — I’d love to see how Viola is faring now, and if Todd is okay. (Although, as I was looking up the GoodReads link, I found there’s a short story that takes place after Monsters of Men???? I’m trying to read it, but I don’t quite remember the story well enough to remember who everyone is. Good lord. If I did check in with half of the characters on this list, would I remember what was even going on in their lives?)

9. Cath // Fangirl


I loved, loved Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell; it’s my shiny silly happy fun book to read when I’m sad, and I would love to know how life is treating Cath nowadays. For instance — did she ever finish Carry On? (Presumably, since Rowell is publishing Carry On in October *SCREAMS INTO A PILLOW*) Is she still with Levi? How’s her dad? Did she ever repair her relationship with her mom? Cath had a lot of growing to do even after Fangirl finished; I’d love a sequel.

10. Jacob // As Meat Loves Salt


The ending of As Meat Loves Salt hurt. And as much of a painful let me stab myself multiple times in the chest ride reading that book was, I would love to know what happened after the story was finished. We left Jacob embarking on a whole new life (considering he’d basically burned his old life to the ground.) I’d love to know what’s next for Jacob, and if he’ll ever really emotionally recover from … basically, every decision he’s ever made.


There you have it! If you’ve participated in this meme, drop me a link! Let’s talk — What characters would you give anything to catch up with? Are there any characters you decidedly don’t want any more information on, either because they’re terrible people, or their ending was so perfect, you wouldn’t want to change anything about it? What character, like my poor Thorin Oakenshield, would you give anything to bring back from the dead and give a better ending??? I can think of about thirty more (most of them from Harry Potter.) Leave a comment below!


7 thoughts on “Hey, are you still alive? Happy? Fictional? (Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Like to Check Up On)

  1. Hey there! Great list! Unrelated to the topic, but because you have several Neil Gaiman’s included, I just started his new book of short stories, Trigger Warning, and it is fantastic! I picked it up at a local bookstore (Malaysia, so it cost a pretty penny but was well-worth it!) and have been loving it. Check it out when you get a chance, since you are a fan.


  2. Great list! I just read Good Omens last week (finally!), and I love that you included Aziraphale and Crowley. I have all the HP gang on my list too, and I included a different set of Rainbow Rowell characters, but I would absolutely love to hear more about Cath’s life too!


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