A mini room tour!

Last Saturday, I cleaned my room the way a tornado might clear a table of its clutter; I scrubbed the floors the way a tidal wave might clean the deck of a pool; I vacuumed the way a cosmic black hole might–

Wait. Actually I didn’t vacuum.

But I did do that sponge scrubbing I talked about (as I spilled a smoothie behind my bed … three months ago) and generally deep-cleaned and obsessively organized my bedroom. I cleared out four bags of donations, shifted a whole shelving unit out of my room (then back in when I changed my mind, then back out AGAIN when I changed it again.) I’ve only just now recovered from the surprisingly physical toll, and before my room reverts to its previous state of organized chaos (sans organization), I thought I’d take some photographic documentation! Aka PROOF that I’m not a swamp monster–despite the so-called empirical evidence of the green smoothie sludge for so long plastered to my walls.


Just as you walk in, to the right of my door is my desk! (I actually didn’t get to cleaning my desk on Saturday, and for this picture just sort of … scooped all the debris up in my arms and dumped it on my bed. So. Don’t envy my tidiness too much. It’s mostly an illusion.)

There’s all sorts of interesting sundry on my desk. Art that Carina (daysandhours) made for me, a little Rick Grimes toy Courtney (merricats) gave me; on the left is a bulletin board of inspiration for the novel series I’m writing, and the board on the right plastered in Post-Its is the chapter-by-chapter outline of the book I’m writing right now. Most of the artwork was bought on Etsy, I think, though one might’ve been Society6.


Beside my desk is this little DVD shelf that holds a Jane Austen print from Etsy, my lamp, a skeleton bride and groom candle stick, and the little tree and mask which I belief I bought at an art fair a few years back. The green stationary box with the little flower pin on it is a fancy way to hold and hide my asthma inhaler and peak-flow monitor. : )


Next to my DVD shelf is my bookcase! Up top you’ve got science prints by meganlee on Etsy. The top shelf is my TBR books, and the second shelf (with the rickety rabbit and Gandalf) are all of my favorite books, like Good Omens, Neverwhere, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, Watership Down, We Have Always Lived In The Castle and Lord of the Rings.


I suppose this is a better look of my favorites shelf. Those little statues by Gandalf are Lord of the Rings … I want to say Trivial Pursuit tokens?


The next shelf is more favorites, primarily Harry Potter, the Chaos Walking trilogy, and Stephen Fry’s books. (Minus the Fry Chronicles, which wouldn’t fit.) Below I have my writing shelf–all my thesauruses and books on writing, as well as a Camp NaNoWriMo mug holding pens, and a few crafts books there at the end. That shiny green box has seven gold dollars inside, if that’s … any interest to you. Pusheen has been kicked to the floor.


Across my room you have my closet doors. I’m thinking of switching the brain one to the left door, getting rid of the palmistry guide, and putting a mirror up, maybe in a weathered white frame. I think that’ll look cool.


Beside that closet is a closet which, in a fit with productivity (and madness) five or so years ago, I ripped the doors off and converted into a book closet! Unfortunately, it’s hard to photograph in there because it’s so dark…


But here’s one shelf! The end of my fiction novels up top, and my historical books + science section underneath.


Beside my book closet, I now have a nice little writing nook!


And here’s my dresser, with all my jewelry and nonsense. Those lights look pretty cool at night.

Welp. That’s it! That’s my room. Hope you liked it. : )

Have you ever posted a room tour? Or a bookshelf tour? Throw me a link! I love nosing around strangers’ bedrooms, which … doesn’t sound great, but you know what I mean! 


4 thoughts on “A mini room tour!

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