Camp NaNoWriMo Day 21

My plans of keeping this blog updated daily on my writing progress seemed to have … fizzled, slightly. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t progressing! Today’s been a fantastic writing day so far — almost 3,000 words written! (including a fairly explicit sex scene I had no idea was going to happen until it … happened. Word sprints, you guys, they make you type crazy things.)

Here’s my progress so far:

Words Written: 36,597 /50,000

I’m about on schedule!

Favorite Sentence/Paragraph/Scene:

Butterflies in Simon’s stomach didn’t do the tension of the moment justice; winged creatures of all kinds writhed in his belly, from dragonflies to bees to hornet wasps.

coupled with

The drunken crowd toddling down the sidewalk faded to a kind of dull blur, and as the kiss deepened, Simon’s butterflies and all their six-legged compatriots fluttered away.

What’s Next? It’s pleasantly breezy and sunny outside today, so as long as my laptop batteries will allow, I’ll be out here writing! So far in my yard today I’ve seen woodpeckers, Monarch butterflies, green parrots … it’s a good day. 🙂


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