Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Day 13

Until just now, I legitimately thought today was the 12th. So I’ve lost a day. Oh, well. This is like, the middle portion of summer camp where you’re getting home sick, you’ve been bitten by mosquitos, maybe you’ve unwittingly sat in a clump of poison ivy, and you’re just about ready to give up. But as you’re writing a tearful letter home asking your parents to come pick you up, you hear the sounds of people singing around a campfire, and squealing as they leap into the lake, and presumably playing the bugle as apparently every summer camp has a bugle player on payroll. And you think, you know what? I came here for a reason.

Let’s try this again.

Words Written (So Far) Today: 1,157

(though, it’s mostly been typing up a scene I wrote while falling asleep last night…)

Progress Made: 20,135 / 50,000

I am more or less on schedule! I need to be at around 21,666 by the end of the day to be officially caught up. I can do that, right?

Favorite Sentence/Paragraph/Scene:

Ol drew in a deep breath that turned into a longer sigh. Charley wasn’t the only one exhausted. Ol’s eyes were puffy, and his smile was looser than it would’ve been were he well rested and accordingly on guard. Charley nudged him.

“Rally tomorrow,” he said.

Ol snorted. “Rally tonight.”

“We haven’t slept yet, it’s still yesterday.”

Another snort. Ol nodded. “I’m gonna go pass out.”

What’s Next? I have a few pages to type up that I wrote while in the walk-in clinic’s waiting room yesterday (I’m now on a steroid and an antibiotic that both taste terrible thanks for asking) and then I’m going to … I don’t know. Do some word sprints and keep jumping around in the story, I guess. The less pressure I put on myself to produce something specific every day, the more I’ve found I actually do produce. I just need some wiggle room. Most likely, though, I would like to write more of the rally mentioned in the scene above. Get my political dissent on.

How’re you guys doing? Crashing through your word count goals, or puttering your way up to them? Wherever you are, KEEP WRITING!


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