Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10: Falling Behind (And Catching Up)

Woof. I had a rough week there. Writing came out in trickles more often than floods, I haven’t participated in hardly any word sprints, and I’ve completely forgotten to update this blog on my (lack of) progress. I just haven’t been feeling my story. I got snagged on two chapters I couldn’t make work, and the harder they became, the less motivation I had to write.

But in the last couple days, I’ve been pushing myself to catch up. Right now I’m about 2,000 words behind schedule–A lot better than the 6k I was behind earlier this week! Basically what I did was say yeah, screw you to the two chapters that were giving me trouble and leapt ahead to a part of the book I did know how to write. That’s what you’ve got to do sometimes. Skip ahead to what’s going to be fun to write, and leave the tricky parts for future!you to toil over. (Future!me must be a really bitter, stressed person, considering everything Present!me leisurely shunts in her direction.) 

Anyway, here’s how it’s going so far:

Words Written (So Far) Today: 847

Progress Made: 14,155 / 50,000

To be on schedule, I need to make it to around 16,666 tonight. It’s only 3 pm now, so I have some faith I’ll be able to do it. some faith.

Favorite Sentence/Paragraph/Scene:

lol none of them. no, here, let me look…

“So. Um.” Charley pushed off the wall and began to pace the length of the kitchen, stretching the coiled cord of the phone. His legs felt weirdly shaky, like he was recovering from a bad bout of the flu. He dropped his voice low, so that Ol wouldn’t wake. “Are you okay? Like, eating and being alive and everything?”

What’s Next? Plowing forward through chapter 5 while willfully ignoring chapters 3 and 4 and their general embarrassment to the history of prose. Hopefully I can get enough of the book done in the next few days to feel substantially more confident about it.

*raises a s’more to all you other WriMos out there* Keep going, guys! And if you get stuck, don’t fret — just skip ahead! All the cool, procrastinating kids are doing it.


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