Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Word Counts, Taxidermy, and Cocktail Sauce

 *screaming incoherently into a pillow*

For the first time all month, I’m ahead of my word count goal. Just breached 18,000 words — deciding to skip ahead ended up being an extremely smart choice. The plot is falling together a lot easier, actual suspenseful scenes are happening, stuff is going DOWN, you guys. going DOWN.

points of interest from today’s writing marathon:


“Ol was endlessly accommodating to Charley; when Charley had a stupid plan, Ol followed it; when Charley had a stupid question, Ol answered it; when Charley did anything that suggested at an inadvisable recklessness and an undesirable lack of intelligence, Ol supported it.”


— Christina (@chimpanzeethis) April 10, 2014


had a harried moment of indecision where I couldn’t decide if taxidermy referred to just mammals or if it could include fish, and wasn’t willing to sacrifice my laptop’s battery to turn on the wi-fi and find out. (looking it up later; yes, you can taxidermy fish.)


my characters are at the beach right now, and all I want in the world is some sand, some fresh sliced peaches/mangoes/pineapples/any type of fruit, and a crab cake  or fried grouper sandwich or something I can drown in cocktail sauce. omg starving.


Good day of writing so far! My favorite technique? Avoiding my plot problems by plowing ahead and willfully ignoring that I have two chapters that are decidedly not awesome. WHO CARES, RIGHT? I’ll fret over them later. Right now, I’m looking into seafood for dinner.


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