Happy Holidays :)

Finished the Christmas decorating today! Lights are draped along our fence out front, a glittery wreath has been hung from our door, our tree is overloaded with trimmings, the packages are … mostly bought and wrapped. (The Holiday Gift Giving Guide is posted.) (Blatant plug.) I assembled that electric fireplace today, by the way — a fact I will be reminding anyone who visits. (The painting has since been centered, btw.)

Christmas really snuck up on me this year. I mean, I was super excited and ready for it around … mid-November. But coming into December, other than the decorating, I’ve kind of lost that giddy squirm to my stomach, part-nostalgia, part-presents. It’s probably because here in Florida, we’ve been having 80+ degree days — It’s hard to feel the holiday spirit when there isn’t so much as a nip in the air. I keep waiting for it to drop into the 30s to indicate that hey, it’s Christmastime! but … it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Say it with me now: Thanks, global warming!

Anyway. Even though I can’t get bundled up in scarves and sweaters, I’m trying to force myself back into the mood. I bought myself a pair of these Gingerbread leggings from ModCloth to wear to the family Christmas party, and I’m tentatively planning this year’s cookie creations — Mexican Wedding Cookies, S’mores bars, and Buckeyes being obvious staples.

(I may or may not have abandoned this blog post for twenty minutes while I drooled over the Christmas cookies tag on tumblr… What was I saying?)

Another perk of this holiday season? It’s this little guy’s first Christmas! And yes, so far he’s been a terror. He’s climbed into the tree, he’s knocked down ornaments — during the two days we attempted to put presents out (an attempt foiled by the general presence of our cats) he would amuse himself by running at the stacks of presents from across the room and sliding into them like a bowling ball scattering pins. For no purpose, no reason other than pure enjoyment.

Welp, that’s about it from me today. Are you guys feeling the holiday spirit? Is it even remotely cold where you are? What cookies are you making this year? I’m googling sugar cookie recipes that I can make with whatever ingredients I have right now because who has time to go to the store for parchment paper and almond extract, amiright? Anyway.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, may your cookies never crumble, your gifts from relatives come with receipts, and your eggnog not be gross and thick but who are we kidding eggnog is kind of disgusting seriously it’s a letdown every year. BYE!


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