Countdown to NaNoWriMo: Survival Kit


Only 3 days left before NaNoWriMo begins! As we stack up our notebooks, dust off our keyboards, sharpen our pencils and hunt for the caps to our pens, I thought it would be a good idea to assemble a kind of NaNoWriMo toolkit (which could be used by anyone writing a book.) Sure, all you technically need for NaNo is a word processor, but here are some great resources online you might want to check out!

Official: – Because the first thing you have to do is register to participate. Don’t forget this step, it’s kind of a biggie. The official NaNo website has all kinds of goodies: pep talks, writing buddies, word count trackers, and huge forums that’ll answer your every question, let you meet new friends, and stay motivated this whole month through.

NaNoWriMo // NaNoWordSprints — The NaNoWriMo twitters

Word Count Tracker:

WriteTrack — A great calender & word count tracker that can be used year round (and also integrated with your word count!) You put in the dates you’re working in, the word count you’d like to achieve, and it gives you a daily goal and tracks your progress. I love this site.

NaNoWriMoGraph — An easy-to-generate word count meter for your blog posts.


WriteWorld Writer’s Tool Box — Anything you could possibly be looking for by way of writing is on this page. Whether you want to read about characters, plot, editing, or getting that NaNo novel published, you’ll find something here.

YeahWriters — Another great tumblr of advice & motivation.

FuckYeahCharacterDevelopment — With writing exercises and lots of Q&As on different character types, head over here if you need help fleshing out your characters.

Writing Apps & Sites:

WriteRoom — This is my favorite app for my Mac. It just creates a full screen .txt document, really, and you can change the colors if you’d like. A great way to immerse yourself in writing, and only writing. (Mac, iOS)

OmmWriter — I’ve used this before to great success. With beautiful backgrounds and calming music, it’s another helpful tool for immersing yourself in writing. (Mac, PC, iPad)

Write or Die — This site gives you a goal of so many words a minute, and forces you into panicked productivity by deleting words once you start to fall behind. (That’s on expert level, you can set it so you don’t lose your writing.) Not for the faint of heart, but a great way to kick yourself into gear! (Mac, PC, Linux, iPad)

DropBox — Just a good idea. Set it up on all your computers and phones for an easy, quick backup of your novel you can access from any device.

Real Life Books:

WonderBook: The Illustrated Guide to Creative Fiction — THIS BOOK IS BEAUTIFUL. Get it for the artwork alone. It’s also a comprehensive look at creativity, inspiration, character, style, tone, voice, plot … Anything and everything related to writing, with a special emphasis on SciFi/Fantasy.

The Elements of Style — A classic.

38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes — I love this book, actually. Maybe read it between your first draft and editing your second, so you don’t get intimidated, but it’s a really good overview of the kinds of writing that’s ineffective, overused, or just downright dumb.

I could go on and on, but this should get us started! Are there any other websites you find essential to your NaNoWriMo survival? Leave a comment!



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