24 Hour Readathon: The Night Before

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It’s almost midnight, so I need to hit the hay in order to be up nice and early for tomorrow’s 24 Hour Readathon. However, there were a few last-minute things to do to get ready for the big day!

1. Clean Up My Room

Since my room is going to be my main reading space, I made an effort to get all the laundry in the hamper, all the trash in the trashcan (I mean, of course it was already in the trashcan and not, I don’t know, strewn all over my floor, but…), wipe down all the surfaces. Just so everything is clean and perfect for me to … sit in my blankets and read all day.

2. Prepare My Snacks

yummm, stuff that’s kinda good for me

I’m not necessarily pre-making my meals, but I wanted to get all my food options in mind for tomorrow. I’ve got the remnants of my September Healthy Surprise box to pick through, and plans for homemade salsa, a nice kale and spinach salad, and of course a smoothie. (There’s also a tupperware of leftover Zatarain’s Dirty Rice & ground beef I’ll probably gobble up at some point. But also healthy stuff.)

3. Build My Bookstack

ahh shoddy filters obscuring an otherwise breathtaking picture of my bookstack #lolphotography

I’m mostly reading on my Kindle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a stack of paperbacks to turn to if my Kindle battery wears out.

4. Spy on My Neighbors

IN THE MIDDLE OF TYPING UP THIS POST I NOTICED A POLICE CAR OUTSIDE. Apparently this police officer went to pull over some guy on a bike for riding around the park in the middle of the night, and the guy dropped his bike and went running on foot (which … why? The bike must be faster.) Now the police officer’s driving around the neighborhood, because the guy went running through some backyards. SUDDENLY EVERYTHING IS TERRIFYING.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep — And Set My Alarms!

Anyway, considering I’m now too scared to go outside lest there be a rogue drug dealer sneaking across my backyard … the final step is upon me, and it’s going to be the hardest: falling asleep when I’m so damn excited for tomorrow. But I have to shirk my responsibilities (lol) and get myself into bed, because I’m going to be back here at 8 am SHARP (Let’s call it 10:30, just to be safe) to start the readathon!!

What are you guys doing to prep for the event? 


2 thoughts on “24 Hour Readathon: The Night Before

  1. Wow your blog is huge & I LOVE IT.
    There is less than 10 hours until the official start of Dewey’s. I’m stopping by early.
    You’ve got a good selection to keep you going. Good Luck! Look forward to reading your progress.
    #TeamTiger #ROAR!


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