State of the Union, October 10, 2013

what? with the government shut down and all, I feel like I’m free to use the phrase. Congress doesn’t care much about the state of the Union anymore anyway, amIright? #rimshot

Wow, okay. Immediately I’m using hashtags on posts that don’t need to be tagged or hashed. Let’s jump in.

any guesses on breed? He was a rescue!

The main thing going on in my life is the new kitten, Charley! (In this picture, the image on the left is the kitten the very first night we brought him home. On the right, is how much he filled out after three weeks.) This guy is taking up almost all of my energy and attention. I’m either running after him, or he’s running after me. He’s taken all of my pens, he’s repeatedly tipped over my laundry basket; he scatters Q-tips, dumps over his food … It’s like having a baby in the house. Or a toddler that can climb up the Venetian blinds. Which, if you did have a toddler who could that, would probably be really creepy to watch.

luminescent green … yum

I’ve been drinking a breakfast smoothie every day this week, even though by ‘breakfast’ I mean ‘a meal that comes at 3:30 in the afternoon, after I’ve stumbled out of bed amidst cat hair and general dehydration.’ Right now I’m loving frozen kale, spinach, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, orange juice, and a packet of Roots ( So good.

i also just brought that aloe plant back from the dead, btw. so add necromancer to my talents

I’ve also been writing incessantly. I have three chapters left to go in my (polished) first draft of Book 4, and I want them DONE before NaNoWriMo starts. Some days, I crank out 2,000 words without breaking a sweat. Others, I slave over a single notebook page and wind up with a single paragraph. So … I’m working on it.

if you have any book recommendations, please, please, please comment!

And finally, I’m getting ready for the 24 Hour Readathon this Saturday! I’ve got my Kindle loaded with books and samples — this pic will have to constitute as my ‘To Read’ pile, even though a big stack of physical books is undoubtedly more attractive. I still have a lot of preparation to go, most notably a meal plan and a general sleeping schedule. Every single Readathon to date I have stayed up too late the night before, slept through the first few hours of the ‘thon, and then, lacking that motivation of taking off with the starting pistol, I inevitably decided that my failure was imminent and gave up having only read for a couple of hours. But not this time. Probably. Hopefully?

Anyway, that’s about it for me. What else is there to say?

ExercisingTrying to walk a mile every day, and doing some ab workouts through WiiFit. I need to get back onto my stationary bike, but my knee keeps popping worryingly.

What I’m Marathoning: Breaking Bad, though I just finished watching the entire first season of The Fosters in about three sittings. (What is it with me and ABC Family-style teen/family shows? I just crave them.)

As For Fall TV: The first episode of American Horror Story: Coven was pretty great, and It’s Always Sunny has yet to disappoint this season. The Walking Dead starts on Sunday, and will be an interesting chaser to Downton Abbey. I’m weathering through Supernatural, even though the season 9 premiere was … ugh. A thing that happened. Parks and Rec, Modern Family, and How I Met Your Mother are also staple shows, and of course New Girl is happiness and glee wrapped up in intense emotional feelings I did not ask to have.

Reading?: Cuckoo’s Calling mostly, by JKR. It’s interesting, and I want to keep reading it, but … it’s pretty much been this detective walking around town interviewing people for quite a while now. I keep waiting patiently for a chase scene, or maybe for one of the conversations to be slightly suspenseful or otherwise engaging but … So far no go. And yet, I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. I do want to keep reading.

Writing: Is a thing that I’m doing. Like I said above, I’m three chapters from the end of my current novel and … currently my creativity is coming through a sputtering faucet. Seems that for every day I’m on fire, I have to muddle through two or three where words are confusing symbols scrawled over paper.

I don’t know if anyone even knows about this blog yet, but if you do, how’s your week going? What TV are you excited for? How’s your writing going? Leave a comment!


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