Writing Tip for Maintaining Forward Momentum

Maintaining a constant, forward momentum can be tricky when you’re writing a story. A great way to make sure your story is moving steadily ahead is to look at the action on a page-by-page basis:

If you’re writing a story in a word processor, have something happen, change, or be revealed by the end of every page in your document.

When I go back over what I’ve written, I like to always make sure that, when I come to the end of every page, something has changedSomeone has asked a question, or answered one; learned something new; seen something surprising; put on their jacket and gone somewhere else. A phone could’ve rung, or a knock comes at the door; whatever happens, by the bottom of the page, we’re further along than we were at the top.

Making sure every single page has a specific point, needs to be there, has done something to move your plot towards its conclusion, is a quick and easy way to give your story forward momentum, and give the reader a reason to keep turning pages.

(Originally posted on theothersideseries.tumblr.com)

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